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About DOA

The Drugstore Owners Association (DOA) was established in 1972 as a non-profit NGO to manage the relationship among the major pharmaceutical importers/ distributors in Jordan as well as represent their professional and commercial interests with the public and private sector entities in the health care field. 

DOA boasts the membership of 19 members whose operations account for over 85% of Jordan’s pharmaceutical imports and who represent all the multinational R&D pharmaceutical manufacturers.

 DOA has emerged as a leading player in the health care sector with members being actively involved in formulating and updating pertinent laws and criteria of regulatory agencies in addition to devising frameworks of tender institutions.

DOA’s members, many of whom are recognizable as founders of the pharmaceutical sector in the region, can be found on the following committees among others:

Higher Committee of Pharmaceutical Policy.
Technical Committees.
National Committee for GPA (WTO) accession.

 • National Committee for Assessing Tender Laws and Regulations.


In collaboration with other sector stakeholders, DOA aims to play an active role in support of the efforts to guarantee an enduring success of the medical sector in Jordan, which was manifested lately as Jordan was proclaimed by the World Bank to be the world’s 5th destination for medical tourism.


Mission Statement


DOA aims to ensure the level of services in the industry meets and exceeds international quality standards as well as strives to advocate policies that cultivate affordable, innovative pharmaceutical solutions for the healthcare sector in order to help patients’ quality of life.

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